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Australia Hotels

Australia Located in New South Wales on the East Coast, this is Australia's largest and most cosmopolitan city.
Owing to Sydney's wide footpaths and clement weather, it's the perfect city for pedestrians. Sydney CDB is quite compact and not overly hilly, so it's possible to walk from the Town Hall in the city center to the historic Rocks area down by the Harbour. It is also possible to walk over the Harbour Bridge, either on the pedestrian walkway or on a guided 'bridge climb' that takes groups up to the top of the arch for an amazing view. Hotels in Sydney that are located in The Rocks or Circular Quay areas also have stunning views of Sydney Harbour.

New Zealand Hotels

New Zealand Auckland is an extremely livable city with a picturesque harbor, glittering skyline, lush parklands and a temperate climate. The city has several museums of note, including a Maritime Museum and War Memorial, plus all the cultural pursuits you'd expect of an international city, from shopping to the theatre. After seeing the sites from the ground up, the bravest head to Sky Tower, the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere, and sign up for the Sky Jump bungee experience.
Auckland is intensely multicultural, and there are more Polynesians living here than anywhere else in the world. New Zealand's indigenous Maori are also strongly represented in Auckland and vestiges of Maori culture are evident all over the city.

Guam Hotels

Guam The largest of the Mariana Islands, Guam is most well-known as a US military base. Now governed by the US, its 4000-year history includes ancient Chamorro habitation, Spanish colonization and two major wars. Today, its tropical climate, comprehensive infrastructure and beautiful beaches make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Micronesia. In recent years, the number of hotels in Guam has risen steadily to cope with the increase in international tourists.
Most hotels in Guam are located in the Tamuning area, near Guam International Airport - Won Pat Airport – within close range of the beach.

Saipan Hotels

Northern Mariana Islands Saipan Saipan is some Northern Mariana Islands. The season when annual average temperature belongs to a tropical climate of 27 degrees, and the dry seasons from December to June are most suitable for a trip. Because a tropical special squall only falls in a short time several times a day at the time of wet season from July to November, I can thoroughly enjoy Malin sports through one year.
Saipan is the parasailing in the sea which is proud of eminent transparency in the world, jet ski, scuba diving, Malin sports such as the surfing. In addition, a spa beauty treatment salon institution is filled up in Saipan, and the massage of various styles is prepared for, and mind and body can experience highest healing together.

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