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United Arab Emirates Hotels

United Arab Emirates Countless travel destinations promise the world's 'biggest', 'best', but few can deliver results like Dubai's. With soaring skyscrapers, massive artificial islands and a Dubai hotel with the audacity to claim seven-star status, this is the kind of destination that redefines luxury.
The Burj Khalifa has secured this city's status as global trend-setter, and at nearly half a mile tall, it dwarfs all runners-up. The building officially opened early in 2010 to great fanfare, and plans are underway to launch nine hotels here in the near future.
Alongside luxury accommodation, world-class shopping is a defining characteristic of Dubai. The Dubai Shopping Festival is held during the first two months of the year. Glamorous shopping malls and local markets roll out incredible promotions at this time. A few of Dubai's most enthralling entertainment venues include massive indoor theme parks (including indoor ski slopes), ultra-chic dance clubs and beautiful white-sand beaches.

Israel Hotels

Israel With thousands of years' worth of history, Jerusalem is a rare city that has managed to maintain relevance throughout much of its existence. What began as a city of great importance to a minority has blossomed into something much grander. It's now world headquarters for the trio of monotheistic faiths that account for well over half of the world's religious adherents.
For today's tourists, the appeal is much broader. Jerusalem boasts superb ancient architecture, colorful markets and compelling sites like the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall. Visiting Jerusalem is a different experience for every tourist. Different travelers see the city through their own eyes, and tourists arrive on the scene with different priorities than pilgrims or political activists. Accommodation in Jerusalem can be booked to suit every background and price range, but the best selection is at the top end.
Attractions in Jerusalem span ancient sacred sites and modern entertainment centers. The historic architecture in the city center has been beautifully restored, and those based in hotels in this area can walk to traditional markets in the old city. Staying in the old city, with its Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian quarters, is the best way to connect with this fascinating city.

Jordan Hotels

Jordan Like so many ancient cities, Amman was originally laid out to cover seven hills. It has been a major world city for millennia, with ruins dating to Greek and Roman times. But this is also a surprisingly modern city, home to the most important business and financial sectors in Jordan. Tourists staying in hotels near Amman enjoy an even mix of historical sightseeing, modern shopping and candid insight into Jordanian culture.
Amman city center is dominated by the ancient Roman Amphitheater, big enough to accommodate thousands. The complex is large and includes museums exploring the traditions, religions and folklore of Amman back when it was known as Philadelphia. Looming on a hilltop over the amphitheater is the Roman Citadel. This particular hill has been important to every kingdom, dating to prehistoric times. Mosques, Byzantine churches and Greek temples have all occupied this spot.

Saudi Arabia Hotels

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