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Indonesia Hotels

Indonesia Bali - Sunset The Republic of Indonesia has islands more than 18,000 to extend to on the equator. It is a country with population of (the fourth place of the world) more than 230 million people.
There is big economic development in some big cities including capital Jakarta. The Nature that the untouched very large jungle opens is left to remote islands including Kalimantan Island and New Guinea Island.
It is said that 80% of the population is a Muslim and is the world's largest Muslim country. Hinduism mischief accounts for the majority in famous Bali as a resort, and their mild personality is loved to repeaters.

Thailand Hotels

Thailand Temple Thailand (The Kingdom of Thailand) is the country which is long in the north and south located in Southeast Asia, Indochina and the Malay Peninsula.
Most of the nations are Buddhists. There is religion feeling so as to be considered that the boy becomes a priest once for life, and it may be said that the national traits to worship the king express warm personality.
There are many foreigners who the prices retire as well as a repeater because it is easy to spend it cheaply, and live in Thailand and is.
Capital Bangkok, Pathaya that is the resort from old times, it attract Phuket and Samui of the beach resort.

China Hotels

China Shanghai The world's largest population and economy of the second place of the world. It is said that it becomes the major economic power of the first place of the world in another several years.
China which has the long history to be said to be the history of Chinese 3,000 years reaches it after the rise and fall of many dynasties at the present. It is the socialist state which the Chinese Communist Party rules now.
There will be many people coming for business in this country. Even if several degrees with many historic sites visits the country widely to come by sightseeing, It just surprised to Chinese power and the area of the bottom.

India Hotels

India New Delhi is home to more sites and attractions than any other Indian city, and it seems to boast enough life and energy to power the entire country. In many ways, this is a perfect cross-section of the entire country.
The last two decades have seen unchecked modernization, but these ancient streets still reveal traditional bazaars and sari shops in proximity to electronics emporiums and gleaming entertainment complexes. The myriad set of social backgrounds in New Delhi is truly fascinating, and from the moment visitors disembark at Delhi – Indira Gandhi International Airport, they're quickly confronted with their own smallness in light of this booming, multi-cultural community.

Vietnam Hotels

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City – also known as Saigon – is the largest city in Vietnam and it sits on the banks of the Saigon River. Tan Son Nhat Airport serves the city, and is only around 15 minutes from central HCMC by cab.
There's a lot to see and do in Ho Chi Minh City. Owing to former French occupation, the city was once referred to as the Pearl of the East (or the Paris of the East) and architectural remnants of its colonial past remain. Most notably, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Saigon Opera House, both located in District 1 – the city center.

Philippines Hotels

Philippines The capital of the Philippines, Manila is one of the most densely populated cities in South East Asia. Generally the arrival point for anyone coming to the Philippines, there is a wide range of accommodation in Manila, with many hotels near Manila airport, in Pasay and in Manila Bay.
The commercial center of the city is Makati, where a wide array of restaurants and bars cater to practically any taste, and offer everything from Chinese food to American-style cheeseburgers.

Maldives Hotels

Maldives Hotels Maldives ( Republic of Maldives ) is a country consisting of islands more than 1,200 in the southwestern Indian Ocean of Sri Lanka.
The beautiful sea is popular, and there are many resort hotels, and a hotel is the southern country resort where is popular among honeymoon only as for one in the small atoll and island.
The beautiful sea where divers gather from all over the world is attractive, but the resort that enjoys non-daily time to only enjoy only scenery without doing anything is popular. Because it becomes the hotel stay type resort, it is the resort where selection of hotel is important.

Myanmar Hotels

Myanmar Hotels Myanmar (Republic of the Union of Myanmar) is a Southeastern Asian country adjacent to west in Laos, the northeast in India, the north in China, the south in Thailand. It called Burma, and there are still a lot of people using the old name of a country in old days. The existing military regime including the imprisonment of Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi seems to have a problem in various ways, but the old remains love the mild, kind Myanmar people who are most, a Buddhist, and it is with the sightseeing spot where there are many repeaters visiting it many times of popularity.

Nepal Hotels

Nepal Hotels - Mount Everest It is famous as world's highest mountain Mount Everest, a doorway of the Himalayas mountain climbing. Nepal ( Republic of Nepal ) is the landlocked country which was able to be sandwiched in between China and India. It was monarchy, but becomes the republican form of government nation in old days from 2008.

Laos Hotels

Laos Hotels Laos ( Lao People's Democratic Republic ) is surrounded by the north to China, the west to Myanmar, the east to Vietnam the south to Cambodia and is the landlocked country which does not face the sea.
The industry that the most of the country are important in a mountainous area is agriculture.
It has effect such as China and adopt free-market economy of the capitalism in a socialist system and lay emphasis on sightseeing.

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